Requirement analysis of modern office lighting design guide.
Date: 2018-03-15
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First, the importance of office lighting

For most people, offices and homes are the longest place to stay, and the boundaries between the two are increasingly blurred by the appearance of soho and the emergence of multiplexed office buildings. But one thing that has never changed is the pursuit of a more comfortable and humane design.

 The tedious “white-collar workshop” has gradually become a luxury office building with an indoor playground in a gym game room. There have also been many changes in the light environment that have a great impact on the efficiency of staff.

 The purpose of the office lighting is simply to provide the office user with the light required to complete the task, and further to create a high-quality, comfortable light environment based on the physiological and psychological needs of the user.

The focus of office lighting design is to create a bright and comfortable light environment in order to enhance the staff's work enthusiasm and improve work efficiency. Lighting experts and the general public have already recognized that the quality of the lighting environment can affect visual performance and human subjective feelings. (Source: Yuan Xiao, Department of Light Sources and Lighting Engineering, Fudan University)

However, most companies still believe that their most important investment is their employees, giving them generous pay and enabling the company to have the most hope for a loyal and passionate workforce.

However, a good lighting environment can increase work efficiency and make the work full of passion and passion.

In fact, "on average, human resources costs per unit area are more than 300 times the cost of lighting."

The understanding of the importance of modern office lighting and the importance of lighting in modern business owners are far from enough.

Second, the characteristics of modern office

1. The main structure of most office buildings is a stack of floor slabs, which will block the natural projection of sunlight into the room.

With walls, more sunlight is blocked, so in fact the effective daylight available in a typical building is only about 2% of the natural state.

Therefore, artificially created a contrast of light and shade that is too much and too heavy, which is much more serious than what is seen in the natural situation. . Although sunlight is real and natural, the way in which sunlight enters indoors is limited, creating uncomfortable and unnatural environments.

2. Modern office work requires extensive use of visual terminals such as desktops, laptops, tablet computers, and cell phones.

3. Modern office space is no longer just a place for employees to complete their work independently, but more as an exchange center. It is a place for employees to communicate and exchange information between employees and customers. They communicate with each other and communicate with each other. Completion of work is playing an increasingly important role.

Third, the demand for modern office lighting

Due to changes in the spatial characteristics of modern office environments, ways of working, and ways of using office space, the problems have followed.How to solve the problem of excessive monotonicity by over-contrast and rational distribution of spatial brightness distribution? How to effectively prevent glare (direct and indirect glare) from degrading work efficiency? How to better provide a comfortable and efficient communication environment?All have become new requirements for modern office lighting.

The demand changesThe focus of lighting design has also shifted. It is no longer merely satisfied with providing sufficient illumination, uniformity, and color rendering on the work surface. It also needs to rationally distribute spatial brightness, effectively avoid glare, provide vertical surface lighting, and conduct Lighting control and the introduction of natural light, etc. to meet the deep needs of people, more energy-saving and comfortable, and humanity has become the pursuit of modern office lighting design.

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